30/04/2018 Oliver Cortez

Good bird hunt and crocodile hunting with bow was good. See you next year with my bow for more hunting.

30/04/2018 Domonique le Clerq

Good bird hunt, enjoy being with you. See you soon.

15/04/2018 J. Peuqeut

Good bird hunt.  The mountain hunting is really good. Enjoyed it and see you next year for a good hunt.

30/04/2018 Patrick Bonore

Nr 1 PH, the Best as always. See you next year my friend.

Olivier, Rene, Jerome, Doctor May 2017

Back to the best bird shoot, good food, good birds, and the best water birds ever, see you next year!

Patrick Bonore Group April 2017

Birds by the thousands, good water birds, good to be back with our friend Ulrich, see you next year!

Patrick Bonore Group 20-22 /04/2016

We enjoyed a great hunt with plenty birds, was good as always, as promised by Ulrich.

Patrick Bonore Group 8-12 /04/2016

Excellent hunt with a variety of birds and sunflower fields in Klerksdorp.

Patrick Bonore Group 30/04/2016 - 07/05/2016

Enjoyed a fabulous bird hunt in Klerksdorp, then travelled to the Eastern Cape for a very successful hunt on Vaal Reedbuck and Mountain Reedbuck. Ulrich guiding at his best.

Frederic Merle 03-12/08/2016

Impressive hunting in Hoedspruit area for my buffalo and very good warthog and plains game. A dream come true with Ulrich.

Laurent Lagesse 03-12/08/2016

First time hunt in Africa, but my best experience was hunting Kudu, my life time dream come true and some nice warthog as well. Will be back with my family to hunt with Ulrich again.

Guy Jullemier Group 16/06/2015 - 22/06/2015:

We had the best time ever, better than Argentinia, Water birds, Game birds and doves and pigeons and dogs. 

Ulrich and his team are very good, and all accommodation and arrangements where of the best.  We are all coming back next year.

Robert Bortolotti 01/05/2015 - 08/05/2015:

Got all the small ducks, geese and very good organizing from Ulrich and the team.  Dove and pigeon shooting was very good.  Will recommend Ulrich and team to all hunters.

Patrick Bonnore Group 01/05/2015 - 04/05/2015:

We had a good time with Ulrich and he was good again with the doves and pigeons, food and accommodation.  All our hunters are returning next year.

Patrick Bonnore Group 19/04/2015 - 21/04/2015:

The second year and even better with doves and Water birds. 

As promised Ulrich delivered. Food and accommodation was great. All is coming back.

Patrick Bonnore Group 27/08/2014 - 29/08/2014:

A Great hunting experience with Ulrich, it was as he promised and to some of us it was better then Argentina.

Lots of fun and good food and we will be back next year.

Date:  October 2013.
Name of Hunter: Dr Guy Gnany – Floreal, Mauritius - Kalahari Hunt.

Conditions difficult to track the animals, making the hunt more sporty> Stalking Eland for 3 days and finally taking a 37¼” bull was a definite highlight of the hunt.

Ulrich was very patient, friendly and excellent and trying his very best to please us.


Date: August 2011
Name of Hunter: Frederic Merle

Animals quality and quantity very good.  Highlight of hunt was the Kudu. I'll be BACK!!!


Date: 12 August 2011
Name of Hunter: Pierre Proux

For a first time hunter hunting was good, camp facilities excellent. Will recommend NKWE.


Date: 13 August 2011
Name of Hunter: Dominique Galea

Good quality animals, PH performance excellent.  Camp very nice, typical African. Excellent level of comfort.


Date: 2010/08/07
Name of Hunter: Galea Dominique

The quality of the animals was nice and the quantity was satisfying. My personal highlight was the moment I shot a waterbuck. The PH was excellent and I trusted the outfitter and will certainly recommend NKWE.

I personally like the rough and tough type of hunting with more tracking, I do not need a lot of comfort, I enjoyed Charles’ place.


Date: 2010/03/07
Name of Hunter: Philippe Blanc

The quality of the animals was excellent. The quantity of the animals was good. A personal highlight was the excellent PH and I enjoyed the company of the staff. The Outfitter was very good and very well organized. I will surely recommend NKWE.


Date: 2010/07/08
Name of Hunter: Antonie Galea

The animal’s quality was beautiful. My personal highlight was when I tried to bow hunting. The PH was excellent and the organization was very good, good food, atmosphere was very good. I will definitely recommend NKWE!

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